EAE 10 Year Anniversary Party

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Join us for a day celebrating EAE’s Past, Present, & Future!

In the 2017-2018 academic year, EAE turns ten years old! Since its founding in 2007, EAE has grown to be one of the world’s top rated programs preparing students for jobs in the games industry. On Monday, April 30, EAE will hold its 10 Year Anniversary Celebration, which will include keynotes by industry and academic thought leaders, a panel of industry veterans and EAE alumni highlighting EAE’s impact in Utah and beyond, and a reception celebrating EAE’s past, present and future. The keynotes and panel will be held in Building 73 on the University of Utah campus, 332 South 1400 East, (west of EAE’s studios) and the reception will be held in the Rice-Eccles Stadium’s Varsity Room.


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    Opening Remarks by Bob Kessler, Co-Founder of EAE

    1:00pm in Bldg 73, Room 110

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    Keynote by Jon Dean, CEO, Guv1 Digital Consulting

    1:30pm-2pm in Bldg 73, Room 110

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    Impact of EAE Panel

    2:15pm-3:15pm in Bldg 73, Room 110

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    Keynote by Ian Horswill, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Northwestern University

    3:30pm-4pm in Bldg 73, Room 110

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    Reception and Presentation

    5pm-8pm in The Varsity Room in Rice-Eccles Stadium

Guest Speakers

“Are you Ready Player One” Videogames in Utah. Past, Present, & Future

Jon Dean


A games industry veteran a.k.a. ‘the Guvner’, Jon has been making digital entertainment for more than twentyfive years. He has an impressive depth of experience, including as an independent game developer, management consultant and also as a digital production executive. Jon was a Vice-President and GM at the World’s #1 videogame company, Electronic Arts, and Executive Producer of many hit games for EA and EA SPORTS. He sits on several advisory boards for technology companies, committees and universities in the USA
and regularly speaks at conferences about videogames, freemium, the gaming industry and game production process. Jon is also a founder of UDEN, a non-profit trade association, the Utah Digital Entertainment Network.

Experimental Game Design as University Research

Ian Horswill


Publishing industries have punishing economics in which a small minority of titles produce outsize returns while the vast majority lose money. This produces understandable risk aversion in both creators and distributors. The situation is particularly severe in the game industry where the failure of a single game can easily drive a studio into bankruptcy. This can produce long dry spells of minimal innovation. I will argue that this makes the production of experimental games in universities particularly important for the long-term health of the medium. While universities are not generally good at producing polished products, their higher tolerance for risk allows them to try things that would be potentially suicidal for a game studio. In this talk, I’ll discuss the role of academia in the game development ecosystem, how we can help move the medium forward, and some of the institutional challenges that must be solved in order to do so.

Impact of EAE Panel


Moderated by Roger Altizer

Co-Founder, EAE & Associate Professor, Population Health Sciences

  • Anurag Bhagwat

    Software Engineer, EA Tiburon

  • Clark Stacy

    CEO, Wildworks

  • Laura Warner

    Senior Game Designer

  • Patricia Hendricks Balik

    Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

  • Rob Nelson

    VP of Technology, WB Games/Avalanche

Reception and Presentation

EAE was founded ten years ago, and on April 30 we’ll have a day of activities to celebrate our past, present and future. The day will have keynote talks by industry leaders and games researchers, and a panel with EAE alums and industry veterans talking about the impact of EAE on the games industry in Utah and around the world. In the evening, we’ll have an amazing reception over in Rice-Eccles Stadium where we’ll be honoring the people behind the success of EAE’s creation and growth. Please join us!

Please enter at Gate E.
hors d’oeuvres will be served.


Directions to Bldg 73
Directions to Rice-Eccles Stadium

Please use the Gate E Enterance

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