Diversity in EAE

You’ve met our faculty, now meet our 2017-2018 students!
EAE students come from all over the world! The bulk of undergrad students come from the USA (86.6%), followed by China, the Philippines and Australia (each at 1.8%). Similarly, our graduate students predominantly come from the USA (62.7%), India (14.9%) and China (10.4%). But those are just some of our students’ countries of origin. You can see where all of our students come from in the map above.

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students


Our average graduate student is
years old
Our average undergraduate student is
years old


54.7% of our graduate students self-identify as white, 20.3% Asian, and 6.3% Black. Other races which were identified by the survey results include: Indian (4.7%), South Asian (4.7%), Mixed Race (3.1%), Native Hawaiian (1.6%), Chinese (1.6%) and Latin American (1.6%).

73% of Capstone self-identify as white, 10.8% Asian, 7.2% as Hispanic, and 5.2% as Mixed Race. The remaining 3.8% of students equally represent African American, Asian American, Haitian, and Indian students at 0.95% each.


Sexual Identity

The majority of our graduate students identify as heterosexual (78.5%), but over a fifth of graduates identify as non-heterosexual. Of that quarter of students 6.2% identity as homosexual; 4.6% as asexual; 3.1% each as bisexual, pansexual, or don’t know/questioning; and finally 1.5% as demisexual.

Again, the majority of our undergraduate students (75.9%) identify as straight, but about a quarter identify as non-heterosexual. 8% of undergraduate students identify as bisexual; 7.1% as homosexual; 2.7% each identify as asexual, demisexual, or pansexual; and 0.9% self-identify as ‘forever alone’.