“Data Driven Game Development” by Chris Rawson

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When: November 17, Noon-1pm
Where: EAE Games Studio (Building 72, Level 2)
Who:    Open to the public

Data Driven Game Development
Game development is a very iterative process and it is increasingly the
case that iteration and tuning continues on after the launch of a title.
Decoupling your game data from your game logic and platform code can
keep your game flexible and responsive to design iterations at every
stage of development. Gathering the right data from players can also
guide your decisions about when to pivot, what to change and how those
changes are affecting the success of your game.

Chris Rawson
Chris Rawson is a senior game engineer at RED Interactive, where he
worked on Sky Whale and most recently completed work on Bold Moves, a
match-3/word puzzle mashup created in partnership with the Oprah Winfrey
Network. Prior to this, he was an engineer at FableLabs, where he worked
on The Dread-Nought Kid. He graduated in 2014 from the EAE master’s
program here at the U, where he was lead engineer on Cyber Heist.