EAE Workshop – “Activist Game Design for Everyone”

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The EAE Game Lecture Series Presents:

Title: Workshop: Activist Game Design for Everyone with Sarah Schoemann
Date: Nov 3rd, 5-6pm
Please email jose.zagal@eae.utah.edu to register.
(Registration is free, but required to attend.)

Games are expressive, but translating ideas into compelling games that inspire and motivate is hard. Are you motivated by a desire to explore an important social issue through a game? What if you’re interested in a topic that doesn’t personally affect you, but that you feel moved to speak up about? How can we avoid misrepresenting those affected and convey the right tone? More generally, how can you avoid reducing important topics to overly simplistic ones or real people to caricatures?

In this hands-on workshop we’ll identify some key issues designers face when making representational choices for their games. By analyzing examples of common problems in existing ‘serious games’ we’ll discuss ways to better articulate ideas in games meant to inspire change. Drawing from diverse perspectives on media representation in critical theory, cultural studies, HCI and game studies, we’ll identify new ways to engage with socio cultural issues that will inform and enrich the play experiences we are creating. Participants learn tools and strategies for integrating a more critical politics of representation into their design process.