Esports FAQ

Varsity esports is a school run and sponsored organization that provides students the opportunity to represent their school in competitive gaming.
We are a school run and operated program that will be composed of multiple titles, not in conjunction with a publisher.
We are looking to establish a permanent home for gamers in our community to represent their University in an official capacity with activities they feel passionate about.
We are currently offering partial scholarships, and we continue to work towards filling in the gap.
Initially, players interested in League of Legends will need to reach out to us via the form here.

If you are interested in another esport please check back for other forms.

Qualifications are subject to change, the current guidelines are as follows:
  • Must be enrolled as full time students – 12 credits/semester or 24 credits over Fall, Spring, and Summer
  • Must maintain a nominal GPA
  • Must progress 20% of degree with each season
  • Eligible for 4 seasons of play within 5 years from first full time enrollment
  • Utah esports is a school sponsored amateur program. Any prize money won by official University teams will be returned to esports program scholarship fund.