Game Dev Double Feature!

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An open discussion on game design, being indie, and what working on Tomb Raider is all about.

Tim Fowers is an independent creator of videogames and boardgames. His indie videogame titles include Now Board, Clockwords and Sev Zero. His boardgames have made over a half a million dollars on Kickstarter and include titles such as Fugitive (forthcoming), Paperback, and Burgle Bros. More info on his work is available at
Ryan Goldsberry was senior animator at Crystal Dynamics for 12 years on many, many, Tomb Raider games including Rise of the Tomb Raider, the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot and pretty much every other Tomb Raider game released after 2005. In addition Ryan was a cinematics artist and animator on the PS2 title Van Helsing and the Xbox title 25 to Life. Ryan has also has illustrated his own children’s book, “Floater” published in 2014. He also created the art style for several independent videogames and boardgames.

Come hang out with us this Thursday, December 15th!