Global Game Jam 2017: A Rousing Success!

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After many hard working hours, Global Game Jam 2017 has come to a conclusion. Our students produced seven games in total, all free to download!

Check them out on our Global Game Jam team page or with the links below.

Fox 13 did a couple news segments on The Jam, which you can watch below.

The Games

Castle Splash

Protect your sand castle from the crashing ocean waves and the changing tides! Collect sand by digging trenches and use it to build up wall defenses!

Flower Dance

A multiplayer competitive game which the players act as butterflies to go for one flower, and interfere each other with their wings making wind waves.

Frack'n Gnomes

A vertical platformer where you delve deeper into the pitch-black earth using sonic waves to see, trying to escape the massive fracking drill bearing down on you from above.


A two-player exploration mystery game where the players’ only goal is to find each other amidst a vast underwater pantheon.


Exploring a grayscale world using sound and color to reveal the pathway.

Why Don't You Come Watch Me Shit?

Yell to play! Get an old man the biggest audience while he defecates on the floor. (Use sound waves to see)

Tumbling Tiles

Navigate through an ever changing environment made of dominoes causing piles and tiles of destruction along the way.

Huge thanks to our faculty and students for making Global Game Jam 2017 such a success!