Lassonde Studios will be the best place in the country for students to become entrepreneurs, innovators, creators, makers and leaders because of a thriving community, revolutionary facility and unparalleled support for student entrepreneurs. EAE graduate and undergraduate students will have a unique opportunity to live and create among other games students to make something great.

The Lassonde Studios will be the home for student entrepreneurs and innovators at the University of Utah. The new facility will be the place where students from any major or background can “Live. Create. Launch.” A campaign is underway to attract the 400 best student entrepreneurs from around the globe to live at the Lassonde Studios, while all students will be welcome to use the 20,000-square-foot “garage” to connect, test ideas, build prototypes, launch companies and learn by doing. Students move in starting fall 2016. The unique space will be in the center of campus and advance the University of Utah as a top school for entrepreneurship and innovation. The building and diverse engagement opportunities will be managed by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, an interdisciplinary division of the David Eccles School of Business.
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Be one of the 400 best student entrepreneurs to live in the one of the most unique and exciting facilities in the nation.
Join a diverse community of entrepreneurs, innovators, makers and leaders who want to make an impact.
Get more from your education through an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience, and learn the skills needed to succeed in the 21st Century.
Get the most from a top university for entrepreneurship and innovation by immersing yourself in the middle of it all.
Get a transformative experience through self-directed, experiential learning in a unique community.
Live and work in the heart of campus.
Join an “Entrepreneur Studio,” or groups of students focused on the same topic, problem or opportunity. Living at Lassonde Studios is not required to join a studio.

Students move in fall semester.
Located in middle of campus on east side of the Tanner Carolyn Tanner Irish Humanities (215 S. Central Campus Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84112).
Will house approximately 400 students.
Campaign underway to attract the 400 best student entrepreneurs to live here.
Approximately 160,000 square feet total.
20,000-square-foot “garage” for events, building prototypes, launching companies – or just hanging out. Open to all University of Utah students.
Five floors. “Garage” on first floor. Four floors of housing and additional work space on upper levels.
Three housing options – traditional single or double, loft and “living pod.”
Diverse and vibrant activities and events will be held inside. Examples: innovation and business plan competitions, product prototyping, guest speakers, themed “studios,” startup incubator, food and beverage service, mentoring, leadership opportunities and more.
Residents get additional access to more facilities, resources and programs.
Building and activities inside financed with $25 million in donations from Pierre Lassonde and additional donations from other individuals and companies. Remaining building expenses will be paid through rents from those living in the building.
Living at the Lassonde Studios will have a comparable cost to other housing options at the University of Utah. The exact cost will be available closer to the opening date of fall 2016.
Partner companies include EDA Architects (Salt Lake City), Cannon Design (global) and ARUP (global). Gramoll Construction (Salt Lake City) is the general contractor.

Modular “pods” (most unique, full immersion) – The most unique housing option developed exclusively for the Lassonde studios. Groups of 20 share suites with modular “living pods,” which are moveable bedrooms and living spaces for a single person. Private bathrooms, kitchens and workspace for each group.
Lofts (modern group living) – Shared units for groups of four people who want an urban lifestyle in the middle of campus. Private bathrooms, kitchen and work space for group. Open floor plan and moveable furniture. Private bathrooms and kitchens for each loft.
Traditional single and double – Standard rooms will be available for one or two people. Room sections share bathrooms, kitchens and additional workspace.

Living on campus will allow you to get more from your education by allowing you to create connections with those you will call friends and colleagues for the rest of your life.
Living on campus puts you close to everything you need. You are close to class. Close to all the many academic, entertainment, athletic and cultural events on campus and in the immediate area. Close to mass transit and downtown Salt Lake City. Close to hiking, biking and skiing in the Wasatch Mountains.
Living on campus is convenient. Live close to class. Pay one bill for all of your living needs.
Living on campus means you are more likely to be academically successful. Students who live on campus have higher GPAs and are more likely to graduate compared to their peers who live off campus.
Living on campus is affordable.