All is Dust

It’s the year 1928, and Oklahoma has been brought to its knees by the Dust Bowl. But the suffocating dust is the least of your problems…
Take on the role of Thomas Joad, a proud farmer and father. Over the course of three nights he tries to unravel the mysterious and horrific events that are plaguing his once beautiful land.
Explore the dried up farm to find clues to what’s going on. Evade and outsmart the dangers of the field. Unravel the events leading up to these horrific nights. Try to come to terms with your fragile existence.

Siddharth Bhavsar, Mark Breeden, Kagan Breitenbach, Kehan Chen, Christopher Cherrington, Jinghui Dong, Huali Li, Sherry Lin, Binoy Mohanty, Nathan Nash, Owen Peterson, Tyler Ricks, Swapnil Sawant, John Schwarz, Gagan Deep Singh, Travis Turner, Jing Zeng

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