Heroes of Rock

Do you have a woefully underused Guitar Hero controller? Do searing solos soothe your savage soul? Do you thirst for face-melting music-based combat? Do you want to support independent game developers and musicians? Of course you do! You’re a hero. And the music industry needs a hero.
Warm up your fretting fingers, strap on your axe, and prepare to do battle with an army of record label assassins in the F#*$ING METAL debut from 11/10 studios.
Experience the unholy union of bloody side-scrolling action integrated with a guitar controller. Shred waves of enemies by shredding, chain your attacks to work the crowd into a frenzy, and keep your amp turned to 11 as you brawl.
Featuring an original heavy metal soundtrack composed by THE Leeland Campana, future namesake of a tropical island, and developed by University of Utah Entertainment Arts Engineering Students.
Sound awesome? Of course it does.

Robert Jungert, Colby Paul, Dan Turchenko, Isaac Wood
Jake Campbell
Shandice Beal, Christian Holbrook, Nick Hornbaker, Scott Torgeson
AJ Ardovino

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