EAE Lecture Series “Social Elements in Games”

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The EAE Game Lecture Series Presents:

“Social Elements in Games” by Seraphina Brennan

When: Feb 8, 1:30-2:30
Where: EAE Games Studio (Building 72, Level 2)
Who: Open to the public

“Social Elements in Games”

Community management is a crucial aspect of any modern videogame
release and its relation to game design and development is complex and
interesting in many ways. Seraphina Brennan will share her insights and
experience working on titles such as The Lord of the Rings Online and
Trion World’s ArcheAge and discuss how game design impacts community
management – especially when players can scam/steal from others, politic
their way to power, and manipulate social constructs to receive tangible
in-game benefits.

Seraphina Brennan

Perpetually surrounded by games of all types, Seraphina Brennan is the
Senior Community Manager of Trion Worlds. Armed with a psychology degree
and a passion for gaming, Seraphina has been involved in a variety of
titles in her career including The Lord of the Rings Online, Batman:
Arkham City, the F.E.A.R. Franchise, and her current love, ArcheAge. Her
work has spanned community management, creative writing, game design,
in-game event coordination, livestream production, and more.

Even when not simultaneously interacting with thousands of gamers
online, Seraphina keeps her gaming hobby well-fueled. She can usually be
found playing board and card games at a local cafe, roleplaying with
friends, or standing shoulder-to-shoulder with her beloved fiancée on
the battle lines of live action role playing games across the country.