Tuition Info

The MEAE Graduate Program tuition is a combination of program specific differential tuition and regular tuition fees from the University of Utah Graduate School. The differential portion of the tuition goes toward the costs of providing advanced technology, software license access in addition to recruiting and employing working industry professionals to teach courses. The students in the MEAE program are enrolled in 10 credits per semester, over a total of four semester.

You can see the most recent tuition schedule per credit hour using these links:
Utah Resident Tuition Rates: here
Non Utah Resident Tuition Rates: here

The MEAE program is a time-intensive program with an intense and demanding program of study that we feel makes it hard to maintain a full time work load. We strongly discourage students from having full-time employment as this will likely compromise their success.

We understand the financial concerns related to applying and attending our graduate program. Domestic students may apply for financial aid through the FAFSA process, Click here to visit the U of U’s Financial Aid website. international students in previous years have been able to acquire student loans and funding in their home countries to assist with these costs.

We do try to hire as many students as we are able to accommodate into TA/RA/GA positions, however due to a changes in needs from semester to semester we do not guarantee these positions to any incoming applicants. We usually do not hire our incoming students during the first semester in order to take that time to get to know the students and their individual skill sets so we can place them in the right position in the future. We provide the students in our program with an application to fill out when we are ready to begin the process. The TA/RA/GA positions provide a tuition discount in addition to a bi-monthly paycheck.