EAE Lecture Series – “Queer/Punk/#Alt”

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The EAE Game Lecture Series Presents:

Title: Queer/Punk/#Alt: Game Makers at the Feminist Bookstore
Date: Nov 2nd, 5-6pm
Location: EAE Games Studio (Building 72, Level 2)
Open to the public

As online harassment within games culture renders online spaces increasingly hostile towards marginalized identities, offline spaces have emerged in recent years as sources of social and material support for underrepresented players and makers. Following organizations like NYC’s Code Liberation Foundation, Toronto’s Dames Making Games and Montreal’s Pixelles, Different Games Collective (DGC), a grassroots organization supporting diversity in games, has engaged in a multi-year collaboration with Atlanta’s Charis Books & More, the US’ oldest remaining feminist bookstore. Together DGC and Charis have established “Dear Games”, a program of free public events on games and feminism, offering discussion groups, game-making workshops and author talks to local community members. The project aims to support the growth Atlanta’s games scene not only from within a feminist community space, but one rooted in the tradition of independent bookstores, infoshops and radical community spaces.

Dear Games explores what it means to bring games into a diverse intergenerational dialogue, investigating what historical feminist communities can offer emerging generations of feminists and vice-versa. Looking back on the first two years of the project, GA Tech PhD student and researcher Sarah Schoemann will address the tensions and opportunities of exploring games culture while maintaining intersectional feminist, anti-racist and queer political commitments.

Sarah Schoemann is a designer and researcher formerly of NYC’s indie games scene, she is the co-founder of Different Games Collective, producing inclusive events to support diverse participation in game development and culture since 2013. Working at the intersection of games and human computer interaction her research explores the practices of DIY communities and organizations in relation to broader conversations about equity and access in STEM fields. Sarah is currently a doctoral student in Digital Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

EAE Workshop – “Activist Game Design for Everyone”

Sarah will be having a workshop Friday, Nov 2nd. Register now!

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