Playing the World: International Activism Through Games

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The EAE Game Lecture Series Presents:

Playing the World: International Activism Through Games by Lizzie Stark

When: Oct 27, 2016, 4pm
Where: EAE Games Studio (Building 72, Level 2)
Who:    Open to the public

Larp is a storied tradition of gaming influenced by psychodrama, improv
theater, the happenings of the 1960s, and tabletop roleplaying. It also
has a secret super power: it creates meaningful communities very
quickly, and allows those communities to rapidly prototype the realities
they’d like to see in the world. In other words, it’s a perfect tool for
activism. Recent years have seen collaborations between communities in
Ramallah, Belarus, Syria, and the Nordic countries, as well as an
international anthology of tiny feminist games.

Lizzie Stark
Lizzie Stark is a author, journalist, and participation designer. She
has written two narrative nonfiction books, including Leaving Mundania,
about the world of live action roleplay, or larp. She has edited several
collections of larps. Her most recent project is #Feminism, an
international collection of nanolarps, which was named an IndieCade
selection at E3 and a 2016 IndieCade nominee. Her journalism and essays
have appeared in io9, the Daily Beast, The Washington Post, and
elsewhere. She moonlights as a larp consultant, working for museums and
the Kennedy Center’s ArtsEdge. Her games have been played in seven
countries and counting. She blogs about game design, community design,
and larp at