Magnetic by Nature

Using magnets, attract or repel both yourself and the environment around you to solve puzzles.
The object of the game is to get from one end of the level to the other without touching any hostile objects, (spikes, spinning blades, etc). Use the left analog stick to move your character around the environment. Use the right analog stick to point your magnet beam at a designated target. If pointed at a red colored magnet, use the right trigger to push away from it. If pointed at a blue magnet, use the left trigger to pull towards the magnet. If the magnet is multicolored, you may choose to either push or pull away from it. You also have the option to throw an enemy’s head as a portable magnet. Press the left bumper to equip the enemy head and the right trigger to toss it. You can either push away from or pull back the enemy head while it’s out of your hands.

Jonathan Humphries, Evan Munro, Diana Ngo, Becky Pennock
Paige Ashlynn, David Hurst, Andrew Jones, Brendan Wanlass
Kyle Chittenden
Technical Artist:
Cory Haltinner

Download for Xbox!