ORE is a couch-cooperative twin stick shooter where you and your friends are space miners draining a hostile alien planet of a volatile resource that's corrupted the planet's inhabitants. Play a handful of levels and navigate the planet's varied surface to collect as much Ore as you can before the planet implodes. Once you've gathered enough Ore, you can afford a trip to the planet's core where you will face the Ore-corrupted guardian that's causing the planet to collapse-in on itself. Defeat the guardian, save the planet, and get rich!

Team: Couch Cosmonauts
Bryan Sorensen, Dylan Wignall, Nate Kemp, Rouhan Tang, Tyrone Ford, Yang Li
Eric Seaman, Karan Sequeira, Stephen Dona, Yannan Chen
Dean Ritchie, Hayden Smith, Darrell Sweet, Jeff Nay, Jimmy Kelly
Tech Artist
Ben Sharp, Isaac Kellis, Ming Zi, Zihao Wang, Jeremy Hodges

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