Porcuball is a physics-based puzzle game where players take the role of Quill, the porcupine. Roll around the woods and use anything that Quill can get his sticky little paws on to solve environmental puzzles. Use camper's gear, leftovers, or even fellow woodland creatures to jump, climb, burn, or even pole vault to glory and those sweet, sweet campfire meals.

Team: Half Baked Data
Emma Rose Purvance(Lead), Shelia Cark, Alyssa Evensen, Crystal Houskeeper, Tarik Ishakbeyoglu, Alek Johnson, Thomas Mouchawar, Brandon Secrese, Walter Talley, Victor Wei, Nicholas Zhou
Alex Koumandarakis(Lead), Terra Barajas, Thomas Bluemel, Scott Hoge, Warren Schweigert
Chevis McMillin-Brockway
Level Designer
Ryan Stonecipher
Chase Kroesche, Anton Nielson
Logo Design
Christal Hazelton

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