Undergraduate Emphasis

The School of Computing and the Department of Film and Media Arts offer interdisciplinary emphases in Entertainment Arts and Engineering. These emphases provide an academic path for students interested in careers in the digital entertainment industry (video games, digital animation, computer generated special effects, etc.) Students from both Computer Science and Film & Media Arts take common classes throughout their undergraduate years, culminating in a year long senior capstone project where students build a videogame from the ground up.

Students may pursue either a BS in Computer Science or a BA in Film and Media Arts.

Film & Media Arts - EAE Emphasis

Click here to schedule an appointment with the Film and Media Arts Advisors. To learn more about College of Fine Arts Advisors, click here or call 801-585-1416.

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Computer Science - EAE Emphasis

Contact: School of Computing Advising – ugrad-help@cs.utah.edu or 801.581.8224

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